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Crete is one of the most mysterious places in the world. This beautiful island is full of historical, archeological and even mythical monuments that reveal for us the secrets of the past. It is the ideal place to have wonderful and memorable holidays for both history funs and travellers who just want to enjoy the sea and bright sun. The Crete's nature is very beautiful and varied. Mountains, plateaus, and forests all can be found in Crete. There is a number of wildlife, plants and flowers that are unique to the island.
Crete is a very popular place among the tourists from all over the world. Families, individualists and loving couples come here to feel this unique atmosphere. There are large sandy and pebbly beaches, so you can choose the one you like. There are truly individual and unique places that provide their own mood, style and setting. Just decide what interesting places you are going to visit and then choose the hotel. You can also choose from hotels, apartments or villas, it depends on your wish. The luxury and cheap hotels are located in main cities or in beach resorts. All the hotels are comfortable and clean.
Crete provides a lot of possibilities to rest for sport lovers: windsurfing, water-skiing and scuba-diving, horse-riding and climbing. All the large hotel complexes have swimming pools, tennis courts, mini-golf courses and selection of sea sports equipments. There are also a lot of bars, shops, different restaurants and nightclubs in Crete.
Crete is a very old place so don't loose the chance to visit its ancient sites, museums and monasteries. One of the most famous sightseeing is Knossos Palace, the labyrinth - home of mythical Minotaur. The museums represent the interesting collections of arts of Minoan era, first European civilization.
Crete is a wonderful place and you will not be sorry for you trip here!

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